Exploring self-build in the Netherlands

 24 November 2022

Earlier this year, Orchard Farm’s UK Managing Director, Adam, and UK Marketing Partner, Catriona, visited The Hague to enjoy an inspirational tour of some of the self-build sites that Steenvlinder has been involved in creating.  Their guides were their Dutch counterparts, Hans and Mila, who showed how self-builders develop their own new community with a variety of well-designed homes. Every home is different but the overall look is coherent as each house is connected by using similar materials. 

Four sites were visited, in and around The Hague. Sites with detached or semi-detached self-built houses and terraced housing, all built by each owner. Of particular interest was seeing how smaller private gardens were compensated with a communal green or open spaces. Or with natural boundaries. You can read more about what makes these sites interesting and let them inspire you to start your own self-build adventure at Orchard Farm. 

Register your interest, if you haven't already. We'll keep you updated about the plans and the start of the sales. 

Interested to visit any of the sites?

In the articles you have read more about the self-build sites visited by the team of Orchard Farm. If you want to have a look yourself at one or more of the sites and visit The Netherlands, please let us know. We can provide you with more specific information to locate the sites. 

We are preparing the final plans for Orchard Farm. We might use some elements from the projects visited as reference or inspiration. 

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