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Orchard Farm is a beautiful site in Kennington on the outskirts of Ashford in Kent. It offers an incredible opportunity for you to be part of a green, self-build community, by creating your next home there, on your own or with your architect and builder. The first phase of 18 plots will be launched for sale in early 2024. You’ll be able to reserve a plot for 9 weeks for a fee of £500. Register your interest below and answer a short survey and we’ll send you more information.

Webinar 'Steps to Self-build'

Tuesday 12th of December - 18.00

Following on from the success of our Open Day, we will be hosting a series of educational webinars, the first will cover, in more detail: 

  • the plots,
  • the plot passports and
  • the process of self-build at Orchard Farm.

Be part of this live opportunity to ask us your questions and feel confident that you can build the home that you'll love at Orchard Farm.

How does it work?

Self-building is not as common in the UK as it is in Europe but we've partnered with Steenvlinder, a Dutch development company with over ten years of successful experience in enabling people to self-build and who aim to make self-building more accessible for people in the UK.  

We have carefully plotted out a self-build process which will guide you through your journey, step by step.

Who can help me?

As a self-builder, you can design your new house for the way you want to live. Very exciting, but it can seem like a daunting task, especially if you've never done it before.  

At Orchard Farm, we want to make the experience as smooth and stress-free as possible. That's why we offer the support of our Customer Guide, who will be with you every step of the way and can introduce you to an independent Network of Experts, including architects and financial advisers. 

Is planning approved?

The full planning permission for Phase 1 was submitted early 2023 to the Ashford Borough Council. The planning regulations are now presented in the plot passports. Every plot has its own unique passport. It also includes the legal regulations of your purchase process.

Serviced plots for an easy start

Services in place

Buying a serviced plot at Orchard Farm gives your self-build adventure an easy start. You buy a plot that will have the services you need including mains water, drainage, mains electricity, and fibre broadband, all ready for you to connect to. Paths and roads will be constructed so that you and your builder have access to the plot.

Simple process

What makes our serviced plots truly serviced is simplifying your process by helping you navigate your journey. Step by step, with our Customer Guide and an independent Network of Experts. Every plot will have its own Plot Passport, each one detailing the planning regulations and design code as agreed in the full planning permission with the Ashford Borough Council.

So green

We have carefully designed the green landscaping for your new neighbourhood. Around you, a network of courtyards linked by lanes will provide green, social spaces that are interconnected and genuinely child and pedestrian friendly. They will encourage you, your neighbours and passers-by to use the spaces to enjoy and connect with one another.

Phase One | 18 self-build plots

The plots are best presented on a laptop or desktop computer. Or hold your phone in landscape position. 

Plot 1.01

Plot price £224,950 
Plot area  241 m2
Building area 55 m2 
Floor area 123 m2 

Plot 1.09

Plot price £229,950 
Plot area  287 m2
Building area 51 m2 
Floor area 132 m2 

Plot 1.10

Plot price £192,950 
Plot area  275 m2
Building area 45 m2 
Floor area 106 m2 

Plot 1.11

Plot price £354,950
Plot area  287 m2
Building area 65 m2 
Extention area 43 m2
Floor area 205 m2 

Plot 1.12

Plot price £287,950
Plot area  253 m2
Building area 52 m2 
Extention area 43 m2
Floor area 153 m2 

Plot 1.13

Plot price £287,950
Plot area  248 m2
Building area 52 m2 
Extention area 43 m2
Floor area 153 m2 

Plot 1.14

Plot price £334,950
Plot area  300 m2
Building area 65 m2 
Extention area 27 m2
Floor area 191 m2 

Plot 1.15

Plot price £279,950
Plot area  286 m2
Building area 52 m2 
Extention area 39 m2
Floor area 150 m2 

Plot 1.16

Plot price £305,950
Plot area  351 m2
Building area 58 m2 
Extention area 47 m2
Floor area 170 m2 

Plot 1.17

Plot price £359,950
Plot area  383 m2
Building area 65 m2 
Extention area 45 m2
Floor area 206 m2 

Plot 1.18

Plot price £276,950
Plot area  226 m2
Building area 54 m2 
Extention area 44 m2
Floor area 159 m2 

Plot 1.19

Plot price £276,950
Plot area  226 m2
Building area 54 m2 
Extention area 44 m2
Floor area 159 m2 

Plot 1.20

Plot price £276,950
Plot area  230 m2
Building area 54 m2 
Extention area 44 m2
Floor area 159 m2 

Plot 1.21

Plot price £277,950
Plot area  241 m2
Building area 54 m2 
Extention area 47 m2
Floor area 161 m2 

Plot 1.22

Plot price £359,950
Plot area  523 m2
Building area 68 m2 
Extention area 55 m2
Floor area 199 m2 

Plot 1.23

Plot price £354,950
Plot area  431 m2
Building area 65 m2 
Extention area 32 m2
Floor area 194 m2 

Plot 1.24

Plot price £227,950
Plot area  285 m2
Building area 55 m2 
Floor area 123 m2 

Plot 1.25

Plot price £226,950
Plot area  264 m2
Building area 55 m2 
Floor area 123 m2 

All plot prices are excluding Value Added Tax (VAT). For a smart way to save you paying VAT read about the Golden Brick Construction.


  • October 2023

    Releasing plot information - Early Bird

  • November 2023

    Early Bird pre-reservations open 

  • December 2023

    Join our Webinar - Tuesday 12th December 

  • Early 2024

    Full planning permission expected, incl. Nutrient Neutrality

  • Early 2024

    Sales Launch - Reservations

FAQ - top 3

1. What is the status of the Planning?

Our full planning application was submitted early this year (2023), which has had good feedback from the planners at Ashford Borough Council, needs an additional approval of being nutrient neutral. This issue is affecting most planning applications in Kent and throughout the UK and creating a shortage of new homes.

We have produced a plan to demonstrate that there will be no increase in nitrate and phosphate pollution from self-builds on our land by installing a private foul drainage solution and are waiting for confirmation that this is acceptable.

2. Do I have to build my own house?

You don't need to build it yourself. But you can. In most cases people decide to project manage the design and build of their house.

You can start by looking for an architect who can translate your wishes into a unique design. You can look for a construction company to take care of the build. Sometimes your architect can help you find one and who can also, if you wish, direct the build. Work with people that can help you and make sensible yet solid agreements. It's your house and you're in charge of the design and the build of it. 

We have asked independent experts in the field of self-build to join our Network of Experts: architects, constructors, sustainability consultants and financial advisers. Along with our Customer Guide, they can help, advise and work with developing your plot. You don’t need to use this Network, you are more than welcome to dig into your own contacts too.

3. How much does it cost to build my dream house?

Now that the plot prices are available and you’ve picked your desired plot, you might be wondering if your budget can stretch to build the house of your dreams. Before you instruct an architect to design your house, you can use this approximation tool by Built It. This calculator does a rough estimate of the build costs. 

You need to keep in mind that there are additional costs that are not covered by this tool, including the reservation fee, the cost of an architect, your costs for finance, professional fees, planning and Building Regulations, insurances, stamp duty and a few other fees that we will get into more detail later. Alternatively, there is a great article by Built It too which explains the cost of building a house in 2023. 

Once you sign the Reservation Agreement and pay a non-refundable £500, you will have nine weeks to investigate your house building budget and design with an architect.

Find out about the thinking behind the scheme. 

Orchard Farm's site will feature various green residential landscapes connected by roads and paths, creating a vibrant new community. The landscape design aims to encourage both neighbours and passers-by to appreciate the environment and its green spaces. Four distinct themes will be integrated to promote a healthy and green living environment.





Impressions of what Phase one could look like.

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