Public Consultation

We held our third public consultation at an open event at St Mary’s Church Hall in Kennington on Saturday 9th July, to share our plans with the local community and prospective buyers. An exhibition in the hall illustrated our ideas and members of the team, including our two managing directors, Adam and Hans, answered questions and listened to people’s reactions and ideas. We also offered two site visits to Orchard Farm which were very popular, as were the refreshments! Visitors enjoyed apple and pear juice, and cherries from Perry Court Farm and apple and hazelnut biscuits from Zingiberri Bakery in Herne Bay.

The feedback on our plans was very positive and it was good to hear everyone’s comments and ideas.
If you wish to comment on our plans, please write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As well as the presentation below, you can look at our Frequently Asked Questions for more detailed information.

Welcome to Orchard Farm

A place where self-builders can create their own home in a green and active community

Self-build at Orchard Farm provides an incredible opportunity for you to create your next home, with your design and builder.
We want to enable anyone who wants to build their own home to do just that. Investigate the possibilities with us! 

Location of Orchard Farm

  • Great transport connections
  • 2 miles to centre of Ashford and station by bus and bicycle
  • 38 minutes by fast train to St Pancras station in London
  • Close to Europe by Eurotunnel or ferry
  • Close to Kent Downs in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Short walk to food shops, pubs and restaurants
  • Good schools in catchment area
  • The Orchard Farm site covers 5.7 hectares, about 14 football pitches
  • Located behind Stubbs Restaurant, on the Canterbury Road
  • Allocated for housing in the Ashford Borough Council Local Plan
  • Adjacent to an agricultural site being developed by Redrow. We aim to create a very different offer on our site without turning our back on this large development or to the existing community in Kennington

Why self-build at Orchard Farm

  • Development partner Steenvlinder’s experience and success in the Netherlands
  • A variety of plot sizes will be available for a wide variety of people, mixing high and low incomes, family and single households and young and older people
  • Buyers will be provided with a plot-passport with clear guidance on what may be built on their plot
  • A Customer Coach will guide our customers along their self-build journey
  • Opportunity to build to own specification and use sustainable materials
  • High quality of design and build is possible
  • Flexibility to meet current and future needs
  • Cost will be roughly the same as buying a new house in Kennington but buyers will get exactly what they want

Our role, as a developer, is to reduce the risk and uncertainty that seems to make most people believe a self-build home is not achievable for them. We will do this by taking responsibility for the planning process as much as possible, while keeping the design of the house the responsibility of the homeowner.

This site is not only about responding to a demand for self-build plots, we believe that self-builders make sustainable choices and build homes that look better and last longer. We are keen to create the first sustainable self-build community in Kent. In Steenvlinder's experience in the Netherlands, self-builders are engaged homeowners and active residents. They energize their communities and enrich their neighbourhoods and towns. We want to create meaningful social, environmental, and economic benefits as well as meeting the housing needs of the people of Ashford and surrounding areas.

We will design the public spaces and set the parameters for the design of the individual homes. We will then sell a plot, with a plot passport which gives the homeowner clear guidance on what they may build on their plot. We will continue to stay connected to our self-builders, guiding them through the challenging times and the good times until they move into their self-built home.

Memories of the Orchard Farm




Orchard Farm today

The site is surrounded by residential development on three sides and is next to agricultural fields,
some of which will be developed by Redrow to the south east of the site.

Inspired by East Kent

Our plans have been informed and inspired by the landscape, buildings and materials used in East Kent,
including farmyards linked by lanes through orchards and meadows.


We have underpinned our proposals with three themes

Living with Nature

  • Creating a sustainable development
  • Establishing an edible landscape
  • Planting new meadows
  • Improving surface water quality
  • Increasing biodiversity by improving habitats for bats, reptiles and birds
Integrate existing natural assets
Implement habitats for wildlife
Establish an edible landscape

Active Landscape

  • Encouraging physical activities
  • Integrating walking and cycling routes
  • Promoting a car free lifestyle

Share and Connect

  • Creating a community orchard
  • Building homes that will be lived in by the self-builders
  • Friendly, supportive community, learning from one another

Shared spaces for all

Actively facilitate interaction

Create an open and connected community


We are proposing a range of house types in four distinctive settings inspired by East Kent and the site

Courtyards inspired by farmyards

Orchard linking to the original use of site




Total site - 113 fully serviced self-build plots

  • 70% private housing
  • 20% affordable shared ownership
  • 10% affordable rental

Phase 1

  • 25 plots to be launched in spring 2023

Diverse range of plot sizes

  • 2-5 bed houses
  • Terraced, semi-detached and detached
  • 80 – 350 sq metres

Benefits for the Kennington Community

  • Extension to neighbours’ gardens
  • Improved pedestrian environment on Canterbury Road, including footpath on south side, signalisedcrossing, and reduced speed limit
  • Extension of cycling and walking route from Canterbury Road to Conningbrook Lakes Country Park
  • New homes including up to 35 affordable homes
  • About £1.5 million in contributions to schools, doctors’ surgeries, libraries, social care, allotments, youth services, public open space and sport facilities


  • Summer 2022

    Public Consultation

  • Autumn 2022
    Detailed Planning Application
  • Winter 2022
    Start Roadworks and Installation of Services
  • Spring 2023
    Sale of plots in Phase 1 commences

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