Hans and Adam: developers of Orchard Farm selfbuild

Moving forward in 2024!

In 2024 plans for Orchard Farm will take some major steps towards becoming the first green self-built community in Kent.

As you may know, we have outline planning permission for the first phase at Orchard Farm and anticipate a decision on the reserved matters by March. We will then market the first 18 plots (now online) more widely. Earlybirds have already pre-reserved their preferred plots.

    Phases of development

    In December 2023 a Hybrid Planning Application was submitted to Ashford Council, comprising full planning permission for another 33 homes in Phase two and outline permission for an additional 64 homes, to be brought forward in later phasing, bringing the total plots available at Orchard Farm to 122.

    Building on the design vision and principles established in Phase 1, an inventive spatial plan guides this Hybrid Planning Application. The design draws inspiration from the distinctive characteristics of rural East Kent, embodying the essence of individual farms and small hamlets. Structures within this framework will allow for individual expression whilst integrating the best of the local East Kent character.

    We estimate the sales of Phase one to start this early spring, followed by the launch of Phase two sometime next year. The latter phases will follow up after that, uptil 2027.

    Inspirational themes

    Guiding the whole development are four inspirational themes; Living with Nature, Share and Connect, Active Landscape and Homes for All. And the entire site is landscaped with different types of roads, paths, parks and spaces. Each with their own charactaristics.

    Orchard Park is positioned as the heart of the community directly connected with the proposed local walking and cycling route. This central hub will include  a traditional Kentish orchard with a mix of native fruit growing trees such as cherry, apple and pear.

    Promoting community interaction, Communal Courtyards are envisioned as pedestrian orientated shared spaces with minimal vehicle movements encouraging informal resident interaction.

    A circular network of green shared Lanes designed for pedestrians and cyclists of all ages and abilities will connect the courtyards and Orchard Park. These compact lanes will feature soft landscapes with wildflowers and perennial vegetation.

    The proposed meadows will feature native plants to attract wildlife and support pollinators, like bees, and butterflies and will offer a changing view through the seasons. Integrated natural ponds will store surface water, creating a high quality wildlife habitat within Orchard Farm.

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